Superman/Doomsday Death of Superman Story Line Comic Books – Set of 7


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This is a group of comics that supports the Death of Superman Doomsday store line.

#684 Superman Action Comics – Superman and Guardian pull out all the stops to stop Doomsday from going to Metropolis.  As they fight Superman gets worn down and Doomsday is only getting stronger.  Will the heroes stop this monster?

#497 The Adventures of Superman – Doomsday cuts a path from Ohio to New York.  Superman and the Justice League America do everything thing to stop this monster and keep civilians safe at the same time.  One by one the Justice League is taken out of action and it looks like Doomsday will rule the day.  How many will die before the battle is over?  Meanwhile Lex Luthor II and Supergirl look on at the battle and Luthor convinces her to stay with him in Metropolis.

#69 Justice League America – The Justice league are cleaning up the streets. Suddenly the get a urgent call for help, but what they find is more than danger it’s…DOOMSDAY!  Doomsday brings down the Justice League America as they fly over in the bug.  The Justice League fights Doomsday minus one member… Superman.  Superman is being interviewed on the Cat Grant show.  Will Superman help the League in time or is it the end.

#74 Superman – Countdown to Doomsday – SUPERMAN is here to save the day, But will he. As Superman comes to aid the Justice League he has his first confrontation with the destructive DOOMSDAY. Will Superman and the Justice league defeat this monster?! Will they be defeated and leave the world to the devastating Doomsday?! Read this issue to find Out!!!!

#75 Superman – The Death of Superman – Superman #75 is the famous issue where Superman is killed by Doomsday. Each page is a full page shot of the intense battle. Superman and Doomsday just exchange blows one after another. Superman eventually defeats Doomsday at the cost of his own life.

#18 Superman The Man of Steel – Superman continues to fight the Underworlders. With the help of Keith Robert Parks and Charlie, will he be able to bring them all down? Plus, Doomsday continues to try to break free! Will he finally escape?

I tawt I taw a poody.. Hurk!

Despite the title Doomsday does very little in this issue. He does however break out of his underground tomb and kills a little yellow bird. Later he breaks down an overpass. and at the end of the issue he flips over a semi truck.

The main story is about underworld monsters who try and take over Metropolis. Lois has an informant named Charlie who lets her in on whats going on. In typical fashion the monsters capture her. Lucky for Lois a little orphan boy named Keith sees the monsters take her away. He uses glow in the dark paint to signal Superman who saves the day and rescues Lois.

#19 Superman The Man of Steel – The epic battle between Superman and Doomsday continues as Doomsday reaches Metropolis! Can Superman stop Doomsday from destroying the city he calls home?

Doomsday finally gets to Metropolis despite Superman and other heroes’ best efforts. Doomsday takes on everything Metropolis has to offer. He takes on Cadmus, the Guardian, the Underworlders, Team Luthor, Metropolis Special Crimes Unit and even Emil Hamilton and a special ray gun. Doomday looks unfazed and Superman is on the ropes.


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